Where To Get a COVID-19 Test In Greece

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Most countries are requiring PCR or a rapid test to return from your vacation or business trip. Here is a list of labs that perform PCR and rapid tests that I have gathered in Greece. Pharmacies also offer rapid tests but not all pharmacies do. You will also want to check that their report for the test results meets your countries requirements.

Once you arrive in Greece, you may need to take another test to proceed to the islands. If only spend a day in Athens, your PCR test might still be valid within the 72-hour window, so check when it will expire. If you stay in Athens for a few days, you will need to take either a PCR test, a rapid antigen test, or a self-test. The PCR test can be within 72 hours of travel and the rapid test must be within 24 hours of travel. Most labs in Greece do both tests. The self-tests are available at the pharmacies.

Test costs are controlled and should cost €60 for a PCR test, the rapid test is €20 and the self-tests are about €5 or 6. Although, some labs are charging more for testing at your hotel. You will need to carry the results to show to your airline or ferry operator.

Here is a list of labs that I recommend in Athens. I haven’t used the labs on the islands but here are the labs I could find that do the PCR and rapid antigen tests.

Labs in Athens for COVID-19 Tests

Bioiatriki – The website is only in Greek but if you call they speak English. I used this lab when I was sick and it was fast. I was able to get an appointment the next day and results were provided within 24 hours. At one point they were also offering tests at the airport but I can’t confirm it now. They also have locations across Greece so this is a good one to use if you can’t be in Athens before your flight.

Olympic Lab – This is the lab I used when I needed to travel to the US. They were very nice and the results were available in 24 hours. Olympic is close to a metro station making it easy to get to. I did not need an appointment but this could change if more and more people are requesting it. The person answering the phone and completing the test spoke English

Euroclinic – Euroclinic is actually a private hospital here in Athens where I have been for other reasons. I haven’t had a test there but they are usually good. This is a drive-thru clinic but you may be able to call and get a walk-through appointment. Everyone at Euroclinic speaks basic English.

If the regulations change and international flights resume from other airports in Greece, I will update this list.

Hotels Near the Athens Airport

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If you are staying on an island or another city, you may need to stay in a hotel near the Athens airport while you wait for your test results. There is only one hotel directly at the airport but there are several more nearby that offer shuttle service.

Sofitel Athens Airport – The Sofitel Athens Airport hotel is located right across the street from the airport. You can easily walk from the airport arrivals area. This is great if you have a really early flight. The rooms are good but in need of some refurbishment. However, it is clean and has a decent restaurant inside.

Holiday Inn Athens – The Holiday Inn is a short 15-minute drive away. It offers a free airport shuttle that operates 24 hours a day. This is a great less expensive alternative to the Sofitel.

Labs in Santorini for COVID-19 Tests

Santorini Central Clinic – This lab is located in the main village of Santorini, Fira or Thera. You will have to call for an appointment at this clinic. You can also reach them on their Facebook page as they seem responsive there as well.

Prolipsi Lab – While this lab doesn’t have its own website, they seem to have partnered with a tour company to facilitate booking appointments. The prices for in-lab testing are the standard but they also offer in hotel testing, which is higher. You can book an appointment online, which is convenient.

Labs in Mykonos for COVID-19 Tests

Mykonos Health Clinic (Mykonian Hygeia) – You can request an appointment online and they will come to you. They don’t have pricing but since they are coming to you, it will be more expensive than the standard €60.

Sea Medical Health Clinic – This clinic also has online appointment requesting but you do have to go to their clinic in Aggelika, Mykonos. The cost of the test was not given online, so check with them.

Labs in Sifnos for COVID-19 Tests

Clinitest Sifnos – The website is only in Greek but if you email them, they get back to you quickly and in English. They require an appointment and need you to contact them a week before you need the test. The test needs to be done 48 hours before your flight. The cost is €70.

Labs in Ios for COVID-19 Tests

Ios is very small so the only place doing the COVID tests in Ios is Dr. Chrysoula Nikolaou. She is located in the port above Thai Me Up. She does not have a website but you can reach her by phone at either +30 22860 92666 or +30 6979 24 26 28 or by email at chrysoula.nikolaou@gmail.com. She can do PCR or rapid tests.

Labs in Naxos for COVID-19 Tests

The lab for COVID testing in Naxos is in Chora about five minutes from the hospital. The lab is called Diagnostiki Naxou. You cannot book a test online but you can call or email them for an appointment. They are not open on the weekends, so schedule your tests accordingly.