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Raining Sand

November 20, 2013

Rain in Qatar is both a blessing and a curse.  It doesn’t rain much here as you might imagine.  Back November 10, the Emir and others gathered to pray for rain. While it took a week for it to work, it worked! On Sunday it rained and I was surprised even though it had been predicted.  Rain predictions have been given a few times since I have been here, but it either never rained or rained somewhere else in Qatar.  Sunday’s rain was like a small shower for us Texans and it didn’t rain all day. The temperature was great and it was overcast. Bad part was the drivers here have no idea how to drive in it and some don’t care.  It makes the already crazy driving even more scary.

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The weather forecasters said it would rain most of the week.  Monday came and there was barely any clouds in the sky and the temperature had risen back to 85 degrees.  Then today came, I thought my alarm had gone off early it as it was still pretty dark for 6:30 am.  That is when I realized it was really cloudy!  About 11 this morning it started to rain and again it was a light rain, but more than Sunday’s rain.  After lunch was a different story. It got dark and it started to pour and thunder and lighting.  It wasn’t cool outside, but when went out to take pictures the rain I felt was cold!  It is still raining as I write this at 10:45 pm.  Roads have flooded and so did one of the malls!  The driving I saw was better so maybe Sunday was a good lesson.

The bad part, it basically rains sand if the rain is light.  Or if you are like me and you park your car in the canvas-covered parking at work!  I came out after work and my car looked like it had been painted in a light coat of sand.  When I turned on the windshield wipers, I made it worse and I couldn’t see out because it was like a bucket of beige paint had been thrown on the windshield.  It was too dark to take pictures outside, so when I got to the parking garage I took a few sans windshield paint. Click here for a video of rain.

  IMG_0533 IMG_0532 IMG_0530 IMG_0528