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Hotel Trieste, Verona

August 11, 2015

Hotel TriesteHotel Trieste in Verona was the funkiest hotel I have ever stayed at, and it was awesome! I usually don’t get too excited about a hotel unless it is luxurious or has a special feature. This hotel was the exception to that. I picked it based on the great reviews on Trip Advisor; its fabulous location and the cool photos from other guests. I was not disappointed.

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Before I even booked with them, they had impressed me. Since I was driving, I knew I needed a hotel with parking and preferred an actual parking lot and not valet. I emailed them before booking to confirm they had parking. They emailed me back within an hour or less, I can’t remember. They had parking, and it was underground and video monitored. I confirmed the video monitoring when I arrived because I could see behind the front desk. The video monitor was also used to show me how to enter the hotel from the garage. Unfortunately, their elevator had stopped working early that evening and offered to help me from the garage with my luggage. The hotel desk clerk gave me my set of keys and offered me a map with his must see sites circled along with the restaurant I mentioned in yesterday’s post. He also ran my bag upstairs as it was on the third floor. The lobby was also impressive with its fun décor and bar area.Hotel Trieste

According to the hotel website and Trip Advisor this place had air conditioning and I was really looking forward to air conditioning since my friend’s place didn’t have any, just like the rest of Italy! Of course, my version of air conditioning and Italy’s version of air conditioning could be different. Fortunately, this hotel’s air conditioning was great and immediately started cooling the room after I turned it on.

What I didn’t expect was the retro design of the room! When I looked at the website the rooms looked nice, but not like this, so I am assuming a recent renovation had been done. The room was painted a soft pink with brown herringbone carpet. The accent color was green. I loved the carpet! I am not sure why, as it isn’t my style, but it was fun and obviously new as it had no wear or stains on it. The other unexpected thing was not one, but two balconies! I guess when your city is famous for a balcony you have balconies! I didn’t go out because of the heat, and the view wasn’t great, but in the cooler months, this would have been awesome with a glass of wine.

Hotel TriesteHotel Trieste
Hotel TriesteHotel TriesteHotel Trieste

The hotel offered a breakfast in the morning that was similar to other small hotels in Europe, mainly consisting of fruits, pastry, deli meat, and cheese. The night before I had been in a tent near the Verona Area as they were having a regional food tasting. I stumbled upon this by accident. There I had a serving of nectarines like I have never had before! They tasted so good and looked even better, so when I saw them at breakfast, I knew to have those. I think I went back for a second helping too! I highly recommend this hotel for their hospitality, less than a five-minute walk to the historic center, great rooms, and if you are there in summer the air conditioning and the nectarines!

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Europe, Italy, Travel

Stunning Verona

August 10, 2015

Stunning VeronaUsually when I am traveling, I do some advance planning of what I am going to see in a city, but I didn’t do this for Verona. Verona was just going to be a place to sleep on the way to a winery and then on to Venice. My lack of planning was partly because I thought I would get in really late after visiting Cortona and driving. What I didn’t account for was the heat making sightseeing miserable in Cortona and the fact that the sun doesn’t go down early in Italy during the summer.

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Fortunately for me, I arrived when the sun was still up, but not intense enough to make walking unbearable. What I discovered was a beautiful city with stunning architecture. I was really glad that I hadn’t done any research or seen any pictures. I got to see Verona with fresh eyes and perspective. I could have walked around all day looking at it. Verona struck me as being the architecture of Rome with the colors of Venice, although some buildings were clearly more in the style of Venice. Since I arrived so late, most of the sites were closed, so I will share with you my photos of the Verona Area, the Juliet balcony and some other architectural favorites.

Stunning VeronaStunning Verona
Stunning VeronaStunning VeronaStunning Verona
Stunning VeronaArriving late, I asked the hotel for a restaurant. I usually don’t do this, as they usually send you to a place they are getting a kickback. However, in this case, I didn’t care! The food was amazing. I had a delicate piece of sea bass in a citrus sauce and a side of grilled eggplant. So if you want to give it a shot, it is Ristorante Greppia. It is down a small alleyway off the main shopping street. Not only was the food good, but the service was also great. I opted to sit outside even in the heat as I like watching people. There was air conditioning inside and from the website the vaulted ceilings are really something wonderful. Now I can’t wait to go back and explore more of Verona!

Have you been to Verona? Do you have any recommendations?