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6 Gifts for Travelers

November 23, 2015

Gifts for Travelers

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Do you have a traveler on your gift list this year? If you do, I have rounded up some of the great things I have found to give them this year. In addition, I also have a giveaway for you today, so make sure to read all the way through to read the details to enter the giveaway!

International USB Travel Adapter

Gifts for Travelers

I have one of these, and I love it. The one I have though is out of stock. This is the same brand. Most of the electronics I bring on trips are dual voltage, and I don’t need a converter. This allows your traveler to carry only on adaptor for all their USB adaptors.

1000 Places to See Before you Die

Gifts for Travelers

This is a must have for any traveler or travel dreamer in your life! It is the ultimate bucket list of places to go. What is really great, is that it gives you many places to see in each country and city. This means you also get a mini travel guide.

Travel Scarf with Hidden Zippered Pocket

Gifts for Travelers

No traveler can be too careful about carrying their valuables around while traveling. This infinity scarf has a hidden zippered compartment to make that possible. This scarf was designed by a fellow travel blogger, so you know it is well designed for its purpose. It is available in many fabrics of different weights and styles. There is even a neutral color if your male traveler would be interested.

Travel Seat Cushion
Any traveler who has to sit in economy class for more than a few hours will appreciate this self-inflating seat cushion. In fact, I just ordered myself one for my flight home for Christmas.

Travel Humidifier Great for any traveler with allergy issues or if they are traveling to a dry climate. I have really bad allergies and asthma and when I travel to dry places or hotels with forced heat, this has saved me from getting sick. You attach it to a bottle of water and plug it into your USB adaptor (see the first gift) and it will put out a fine mist for about 8 hours. I put it right beside the bed. It works best with an Evian bottle and I just refill the bottle out of the tap. It does have a small blue glow, which makes a nice night light.

Power Bank 

If your traveler takes lots of photos for Instagram or uses Google Maps to navigate while traveling, then they need this rechargeable power bank. I have one similar to this and I love that if fits in my pocket and does not weigh much. Great for at the end of the day when you are headed back to your hotel and you have 5% battery left on your phone and your are lost!

Do you have any great gift ideas for travelers? Share with us in the comments!