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One week left

July 30, 2013

One week left!  There is still a lot to do.  Every day I check more things off my list, but more things get added.  Today and tomorrow, I am running errands.  I hope to get everything into the suitcases tomorrow and Thursday.  I need to see how much they weight, so that way I don’t end of up with tons of overweight baggage charges in addition to the excess baggage fees I will already be paying.  Thankfully, I am completely out of my apartment in Fort Worth.  I only have to go back to Fort Worth on Thursday for a vet appointment for my cat.

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My friends and family have been great through this whole process.  I had a going away lunch at work, my knitting friends had a party for me at my last knit night and then I had going away party for my friends in Fort Worth.  This week I am having a going away party for Dallas friends and some relatives.  A few of my cousins are coming from Kansas to see me! My parents came over to help me pack last week and then met the movers at their house.  Yesterday, my friend Kristina kept me company while I finished packing and cleaning at my apartment and helped clean.  I will miss everybody!

Now I go back to the list!