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Sigma Residences in Sifnos

March 20, 2024
Sigma Residences outside looking at Kastro and the sea

Located in the waters of the Aegean Sea, the enchanting island of Sifnos is renowned for its many monasteries, stunning landscapes, and excellent cuisine. Among the myriad of accommodations on this Greek island, the Sigma Residences stand out as the epitome of luxury and tranquility. Come experience Sigma Residences in Sifnos with me. This stay was gifted to me, but all my opinions are mine.

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Explore Sigma Residences

With only nine residences, you may feel like you live in a small Greek island village rather than a hotel. This is the charm of Sigma Residences, though. You have lots of privacy but feel like you belong all at once.

View from Sigma Residences to Kastro village and the sea

Each residence has its own outdoor space to enjoy views of the sea and the village of Kastro off in the distance. Since each Sigma Residence contains a kitchen, you can be ensconced in the hotel if you like. Some residences are studios designed for one or two people; others are larger, with two bedrooms and more space for families.

Apollonia Residence

Door to the Apollonia Residence with sign

I stayed in the Apollonia Residence, a one-bedroom residence offering stunning views of the valley. What I loved about the Apollonia was that I felt like I had my own little Sifnos apartment. There was a guest bathroom as well as the main bathroom. This meant someone could stay on the sofa in the living room, and you could still have privacy in the bedroom.

Guest bathroom in Apollonia Residence

The bed was one of the best hotel beds I have ever slept in, and I have slept in many! It was soft but supportive. I didn’t want to get out of it, but the breakfast basket brought to me each morning helped get me motivated.

Bed in Apollonia Residence at Sigma

Both bathrooms were stylishly decorated and of great size. Each had a walk-in shower and some excellent Greek toiletries, including sunscreen! Now, I feel like every Greek hotel should be offering sunscreen during the summer months. For people who have

The kitchen area in Sigma is more of a kitchenette, but it definitely has everything you need to make a great meal with some local Sifnos products! Even though many meals had been provided, I made some eggs one morning; it was just like being at home. Sigma staff can also assist you with stocking the kitchen in advance for an additional charge. Trust me when I say they have great taste in food choices.

Other Residences

While I couldn’t stay in all the residences, not that I would have said no to that, I did get to peek inside a few of them. Each residence is decorated in the same modern Cycladic style of natural Greek island colors. The decor is simple but comfortable and still feels luxurious.

Sigma would be an excellent location for a family reunion. Each family could have its own space but easily walk to their family’s place on the property.

Most of the residences feel similar, only differing in size, but a few of them have their unique amenities. Themonia has a private swimming pool and is situated a bit away from the rest. Exambela offers a hot tub with privacy curtains.

Book your residence at Sigma here.

Sigma Amenities

Feeling like you might fall over the edge to the valley below is the infinity edge pool at Sigma. Not only is the pool luxurious, but it offers great views of Kastro and the surrounding area. There are a variety of sun loungers, chairs, and umbrellas to relax on or space the sun.

Overhead shot of the pool at Sigma Residences

Enjoy the view while working out in the most well-equipped outdoor gym I have ever seen! The outdoor gym also faces Kastro, and if you elect to be up early, you will see the sunrise here.

View of the outdoor gym on the left and Kastro in the distance at dusk

Sigma Residences offers some amenities for an extra charge, but it’s definitely worth it if you need or want these things while on vacation. They can pick you up and drop you off at the ferry port, arrange a helicopter tour, provide a rib boat tour, and much more. No matter what you want to do, Sigma can assist you with the arrangements and offer the best tips.

They can even arrange for you to have an outdoor massage overlooking that beautiful valley—the ultimate luxury.

Parking is available if you rent a car in Sifnos. However, the spaces are not near the individual residences, so don’t rely on them being close. Don’t worry; they will assist you with your suitcases if you need them.

How to Get to Sigma Residences

Overhead drone shot of Sigma Residences

The best way to get to Sigma Residences is by ferry from Athens. While there are several ferry ports in the Athens area, you want to choose Piraeus. Both the fast and slow ferries leave from here to go to Sifnos.

Book your ferry ticket to Sifnos here.

There is no airport in Sifnos, but you can fly to Milos and take the ferry from there. With either option, book your ferry ticket or flight back to Athens the day before your flight home. This will give you some cushion in case the ferries are canceled.

Sigma can pick you up and drop you off at the ferry terminal in Sifnos. If you do rent a car, the drive to Sigma is easy, and as I mentioned, there is parking.

Things to do in Sifnos near Sigma

Sigma is isolated but not far from many of the main things to do in Sifnos. Sifnos has some of the best hiking trails in the Cycladic islands. One of the hiking trails is located right next to the residences. There is even a gate to the trail from the property.

The villages of Apollonia and Artemonas are about a 15-minute drive or less away. Each offers some of the best restaurants on the island. Apollonia has excellent shopping as well.

Apollonia village on Sifnos

For those who love a beautiful blue-domed Greek church, Sifnos abounds with plenty of them to see. Many of them are in the villages mentioned above. Or a bit further afield at the Chrysopigi Monastery. If you haven’t rented a car, the staff can arrange a taxi to take you anywhere you want to go in Sifnos.

If you want more things to do in Sifnos, check out my full blog post on Sifnos here.

Visit Sigma Residences’ sister property in Thessaloniki, Thess Residences.

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