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Are you struggling with social media, SEO, email campaigns or content marketing? Or are you overwhelmed with all there is to do?

Let me help you! I am an expert in digital marketing and have been blogging for over 5 years. There are lots of options depending on your budget. Please keep in mind you must be self-hosted onWordPress in order to be able to use the SEO services.

Site Audit – $50

The site audit will review your site to see what you can improve on to improve your SEO, your domain authority and site speed. You will get a report will all my suggestions and an actionable list of things to do. There is 10% off any other service if you do the audit and purchase another plan within 30 days.

Site Audit and Social Media Audit – $200

All the same as above and includes an audit of three social media platforms of your choice.

Search Engine Optimization of 10 Blog Posts – $500

SEO for 10 blog posts or pages. If you have Google Search Console, I will see what blog posts are already doing well and improve those. If not, we can choose 10 blog posts to improve the SEO. You can repurchase this option as many times as you like. I can also do keyword research on a new blog post as one of your 10 posts.

You will also get a spreadsheet with the keywords, their search volume and competition score.

SEO for Entire Site – Contact for pricing

This will include the audit of the site. After the audit, I can give you a price. The price will depend on how many pages and posts you have. This is the best option if you are a small business or have a large blog.

I use Keysearch for keyword research!

Technical Services

Sometimes people have issues with the technical side of blogging and it turns them off of blogging. Let me handle the technical aspects for you. I can fix many of the small issues and even some of the larger ones. For small technical issues, I have quick turn around time as well.

Moving to Self-Hosted – $300

Are you moving from to I can get it all set up and moved for you. This is a flat fee.

I recommend SiteGround for hosting.

Something Broke – Help me! – $50 per hour

Did you update a plug-in and everything broke? Is your site down? I will diagnose the issue. There is a 1-hr minimum charge.

Email me at info@agirlandherpassport or use the form below to get in touch!