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My passport goes on adventure

September 8, 2013


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My passport has been on its own adventure since about the second week I arrived.  The first day of orientation, HR took it to start processing our Resident’s Permits.  I know many people would hesitate to let their passport go, but there isn’t another way here.  It was an odd feeling to let it go, like it was a part of me somehow.  The next week, I did see it when I had to go get my medical screening.  (The medical and fingerprinting is a whole other post).  It had stuff stapled to it and sticker had been attached, but otherwise seemed in good shape.  I had it for almost 24 hours before I had to give it back up.  This time the feeling was even more strange as I gave it to a stranger that HR had told me to give it to when I was done.  This week was the fingerprinting portion of getting my RP.  I got to have again for a couple of hours.  Again, I handed it off to another stranger, but I felt more confident since it all worked out the first time.  I will get it back permanently soon.  Too bad I couldn’t have attached a camera to it to see where it had been, although I think it spent a lot of time in desk drawers!

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  • Reply Angeluna September 8, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Interesting. I always had to give up my passport in Saudi Arabia and never saw it until I left the country again. And it never had a proper stamp when it was returned, so I’m supposing I was always there illegally (went in on private planes). But it did sort of freak me out, even more so in retrospect. One wasn’t given a choice.

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