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Ireland – Dublin, Day 2

November 23, 2014

Since the next day was Sunday, I decided I would sleep late. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what would be open in the morning.  After brunch, I went on the hunt for a bookstore.  Because of all my delayed flights, I finished the book I had brought for the trip.  My Irish friend had recommended The Winding Stair. It was one of those old-fashioned bookshops that if I had hours looking for a book and have a cup of tea, I would have stayed all day. Alas, I did not so I went back to the one I had seen earlier. It wasn’t open when I had passed by earlier, The Gutter. At the time, I took it for a chain, but I have since discovered it is an independent bookstore! Book found and bought!

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The street I was on, Cow’s Lane.  Cow’s Lane! What an awesome street name. I am sure that there is story behind this street name.  Anyway, the shops on this street are great. There is an antique store and a leather jewelry store. I didn’t buy anything mostly because I did not bring a big enough suitcase that would fit I wanted to buy. Finally I decide I should go back to sightseeing.



St. Patrick’s Cathedral was my next stop. This cathedral was built in 1220 and is the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels, is buried in this cathedral. The stonework is also great inside this cathedral as was the tile. I think the most amazing this about the buildings in Ireland is how old they are.  This cathedral was built before Columbus discovered the Americas and it still stands. I know that there are much older structures in the world, but I am always amazed by them when I get to see them in person.


You can’t go to Dublin without a stop at the Guinness Storehouse. While I was underwhelmed by the self guided tour portion of the storehouse, the view at top in the Gravity Bar was worth it. I will be honest I had never had a Guinness before! It was good, but I am sure I am spoiled now from having one fresh from the source.




In the tasting room they give you a tiny Guinness. Then you get a full-sized one at the Gravity Bar. I couldn’t drink all of it. I am sure that if I was up in the bar with someone else and could find a place to sit I would have stayed longer and finished it.  I was glad I didn’t because it started to sprinkle on the way back to the hotel and by the time I got to the hotel it started to pour. Which, as a girl who lives in the desert will tell you was not all bad.

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    I love this city so much? glad you got to enjoy it!

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