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Friday Favorites

September 4, 2015

Friday FavoritesI hope you all have had a great week. The second week of classes moved by as quickly as the first at my work. Before I know it, Christmas break will be here! I am already ready for a vacation, so it is a good thing my trip to India is in 16 days! If you are new to the blog, I am going to Goa for a beach vacation. In October, I am headed to Thailand for TBEX Asia. TBEX is a travel blogging conference. Hopefully, I will learn more about how to be a better blogger and you will benefit! Okay, on to Friday Favorites.

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European Twin Beds in Hotels – This article about twin beds in European Hotel rooms cracked me up. Most of the ones I have seen are like this, very close together. They are also sometimes a strange size. When I went to Dubai in the spring the room had “twin” beds, but they were bigger than a twin, but not quite a full-size bed. I think my Australian friend called them King Twins. Even if I am traveling with good friends, I don’t want to sleep that close to you. If I am able, I push them apart.

How To Avoid a Crappy Seat on Your Next Flight – If you fly a lot, you know how important having a good seat is on a plane. I always check before picking a seat. There are some other great tips for scoring a good seat in this article.

Kyoto Travel Tips – Apparently foreign visitors to Kyoto, Japan are not behaving well. Kyoto has released some cute, colorful graphics to help visitors understand the rules and customs of Japan. These actually have some great tips, like tipping is not a Japanese custom. The English on them is quite good too.

10 Unique Places to Stay in Berlin – So many fellow travel bloggers have been to Berlin recently; I feel as though it must be a travel trend. In case you are planning a trip to Berlin here is World of Wanderlust’s recommended unique places to stay. One of your options includes sleeping in a coffin!

10 Up and Coming Wine Regions – A great list of place to go on a wine tour and see some amazing sites as well! Moldova looks amazing.

Weekly Post Wrap-Up

Capturing Venice – A photo essay of my favorite photos from my trip to Venice.

My Dream Trips – This is part of a travel link-up that takes place monthly. This month’s topic was places you can’t get out of your head. My post includes my trip to Petra and my dream trips I haven’t been on yet.

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