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Friday Favorites

November 27, 2015

Friday FavoritesThe great turkey hunt came to a great end this week. I got a call on Monday saying my turkey would be ready to be picked up on Wednesday. However, mother nature had other ideas. Tuesday brought a good amount of rain to Qatar, but Wednesday brought a downpour of rain. Many schools were closed. This is because Qatar has no drainage system in place. Mostly because it hardly ever rains and usually not for very long. Because of this the roads were heavily flooded and the airport experienced some flooding as well. Eventually, I got the call on Wednesday night saying the turkeys were at the store! I have my turkey! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Museum News

Museum ‘Bans’ Cameras – The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam would like people to appreciate the art instead of photographing it and asks people to sketch it instead. Cameras aren’t entirely banned.

Hotel News

These Hotels Take Their Coffee Seriously – If you take your coffee seriously and are frequently disappointed, like me, with hotel coffee you will want to check out these hotels.

Caribbean Resorts where the rooms have their own pools – Who doesn’t want to go to the Caribbean and have a room with its own pool? These look so cool.

Airline News

The Airline Reimagined – Some are calling this the Uber of airlines. Ideas like giving you perks for sitting in the middle seat and having cinema seating areas may change the way we fly. This article from CNN shows us what the future of airlines could be and it looks great!

Weekly Post Wrap-Up

6 Great Gifts for the Travelers on Your List and a Giveaway! – Don’t miss Monday’s post about my recommendations for gifts and a great giveaway from I have 20 prizes to give away, so you have a good shot of winning.

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