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Friday Favorites

November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

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Happy November! I know I am a little late getting to that, but I am so happy November is here. I love Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season! Yes, I feel like it is okay to talk about Christmas already. I am also excited because I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house for the first time ever! So in advance, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has filled out my reader survey! If you haven’t, it isn’t too late. You can get to it here. This helps me to know what you like to read on the blog.

Airline News

Airlines with the Best Wine Lists – Probably one of the best travel lists I have ever seen! All kidding aside, the usual suspects were on this list, but the surprise was American Airlines made the short list.

Best In-Flight Cocktail – If wine isn’t your thing, then this will help solve your dilemma of what cocktail to order in flight. An actual scientist tested cocktails out, and the Bloody Mary is the best cocktail to order on a flight. You can read why in the article.

Holiday Travel News

The Best (and Worst) Days to Travel This Season – If you haven’t already booked your holiday flights, here is a helpful guide to days to fly!

On The Road? You Can Still Eat Like It’s Thanksgiving – I know this is especially true, as this will be my __, I have lost count, Thanksgiving not celebrated with my family and my 4th Thanksgiving outside the U.S. I am sure hummus will be making an appearance at my Thanksgiving table this year. So, don’t fret Americans, Thanksgiving will probably be celebrated wherever you are.

Upgrade your Thanksgiving Road Trip – A great list of gadgets to keep you entertained and happy while on your way to Thanksgiving!

Travel Charity

Passports With Purpose – Passports with Purpose is a charity run by travel bloggers. Every year travel bloggers gather prizes and for a donation you can enter to win those prizes. The minimum donation is $10. Some of the prizes include 100,000 American Airline miles, hotel stays, and much more. Here is the link to the prize page. What does Passports with Purpose do with this money? This year they are raising money for e-readers for children and adults in Kenya. This is done through Worldreader. You have till November 18th to enter!

Weekly Post Wrap-Up

Mystery and Silk: Jim Thompson House – Learn all about the mystery I found out about in Bangkok!

Reader Survey – As I mentioned earlier, it isn’t too late to fill out my reader survey. Thanks for filling it out! I really appreciate all of your feedback and comments.

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