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Friday Favorites

January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

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Hello, friends! Is it just me or is January flying by?! Work has been busy with the school year starting and getting back into full swing. I might be crazy, but I have agreed this week to be a chaperone on an overnight student camping trip at the end of the month. Luckily, the students are tasked with all the planning. We are also going to get some survival training from an ex-military man! If I learn anything, I will try to pass it along here.

Destination News

A Surprise Texas City Is Named the Second Best Travel Destination in the World: Who’s Boring Now?  – I was born here and we used to visit all the time. I don’t think many Texans, would say this city is boring!

10 most beautiful alpine ski resorts – I don’t ski, but I would love to go see these anyway! Have you been to any of these? Tell us in the comments.

8 of the best new cruise ships hitting the seas in 2016 – I haven’t wanted to go on a cruise for a while, but the Viking River Cruises look so nice. I spoke with some of their passengers in June while I was in France and they loved it. Have you been on one?

Airline News

10 Ways Air Travel Will Change in 2016 – I will be honest, I am a little worried about how airlines may get creative with seating. They are already squeezing in extra seats as much as they can!

What are the world’s safest airlines for 2016? – Did your regular airlines make the list?

Weekly Post Wrap-up

2016 Travel Plans or No Plans – Did you catch Monday’s post? Tell me where you are going in 2016!

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