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Guest Post: 10 Top Activities to Make You Fall in Love with Tokyo

April 13, 2016
Tokyo Activities

Tokyo, as the capital of Japan, is a lovely spot filled with positive vibes, beautiful people and amazing food. Although this city is very face-paced, here are 12 reasons to slow down, enjoy and fall in love!

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10 top activities to make you fall in love with Tokyo
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1. The Mainstream Activity

One of the obvious reasons why people travel to Tokyo is for the Tokyo Tower. No trip is complete without a visit; I can assure you. Even if you are a budget traveler, there is no excuse for you to miss this must-see attraction, well, at least, take a photo at the foot of the tower! Of course, if money is no issue, go up to the top for the killer view over Tokyo!

2. Anime and Manga / Cosplay spotting 

Are you a fan of Anime and Manga? If you are, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Akihabara is definitely your kind of heaven. Come visit the maid café to learn a spell that makes your food tastier after chanting it!

10 top activities to make you fall in love with Tokyo

IG: @littlemisshappyfeet

3. Visiting the famous Landmarks

Sensoji (Temple in Asakusa), Nihonbashi (Literally Japan Bridge) and many more. Be sure to upload as many photos as you can to Instagram!

4. Let the Tokyo Skyline inspire you

Skytree is the place to go for a phenomenal view of Tokyo skyline, especially at night when the lights are all up! Entrance costs 2060JPY to 350m and another 1030JPY to 450m, expensive, but the incredible vista is well worth the money.

10 top activities to make you fall in love with Tokyo

IG: @littlemisshappyfeet

5. Savoring cute desserts!

Tokyo is famous for producing cute desserts! Some worthy mentions include Dojima Rolls, Tokyo Banana, Mochi Ice, Cupcakes….

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10 top activities to make you fall in love with Tokyo

IG: @littlemisshappfeet

6.  Bring out the child in you in Disney SEA! 
You’ve heard of Disneyland and Disney World, but have you ever heard of Disney Sea? This 176-acre Disney theme park is located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, just outside Tokyo. My favorite palace of all is the Mermaid Lagoon.

7.  Visit a Market

Visit a Market. They say in order to fully immerse in a country’s culture; you must either eat like a local or buy like a local! Even if you want to do something more touristy, visit Tsukiji market. Kind reminder, keep your stomach empty for those delicious tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet), unagi and scallop skewers. Fast if you need to.

10 top activities to make you fall in love with Tokyo

IG: @littlemisshappyfeet

8. Self Discovery: are you a Shopaholic? 
Ginza is definitely a heaven for those who are looking for big brands with a slightly cheaper price compared to their home country. At the same time, it can be hell for the one paying it.

10 top activities to make you fall in love with Tokyo
IG: @littlemisshappyfeet

9.  Immerse in the Culture 

Meiji Shrine/ Tokyo Daijingu/ Yasukuni Shrine is the place to go if you are into culture. The Shrines are holy places so be sure  to follow 2 of the most important guidelines below:
1.Before passing through Torii Gate, bow because it means that you are stepping into the house of the Gods. Be respectful.
2. No one walks on the center path; you should walk at the side because it is believed that the center space of the path is for Gods.

10.  Experience Cafe Culture in Harajuku

Asians should know an app called LINE quite well. It features cute stickers of a rabbit, bear and duck. And now that those characters had gone viral, there is a Line Store in Harajuku, dedicated to Brown, Cony and Sally! Be sure not to miss Harajuku Crepes when you are in the area!

(BONUS) Hachiko
Have you watched the movie Hachiko, the loyal dog? If you haven’t done it, I suggest you look it up online right now! The statue of Hachiko stands proudly in Shibuya, where the loyal dog once waited for its owner to come back from work.

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